Hello. My name is Benjamin Roland* Laramie. I am a Rhode Island native, now Bay Area Designer/Builder. This site is a collection of my work and some custom projects. 

*Roland Laramie is my grandfather. He was professional photographer for over forty years, is a wonderful person, and is currently experiencing Stage 6 Dementia. He does not recall my name, so I've named my studio practice after him. Throughout my life, and particularly in my childhood, he enabled, educated, and encouraged me to make things. Without him, I very well may have missed out on the thing that brings me the most joy. So this one is for you, Pop.

I offer services as a design consultant, furniture maker, and general crafts person. I do custom work as well as make a collection of objects that are made-to-order. I’ve developed a prototyping workshop, should such a thing be of interest.

Please be in touch.