Hello. My name is Benjamin Roland* Laramie. I am a Rhode Island native, now Bay Area Designer/Builder. This site is a collection of my work and some custom projects. 

*Roland Laramie is my grandfather. I've named my studio practice after him because throughout my life (particularly in my childhood) he has enabled and encouraged me to make things--when I was obsessed with the Disney film 'The Rocketeer' my grandfather helped me build a jetpack. When I was in 5th grade he helped me build my first chair. Without him, I very well may missed out on the joys of making.  

I offer services as a design consultant, furniture maker, and general crafts person. I do custom work as well as make a collection of objects that are made-to-order. 

Please be in touch. 

benlaramie@gmail.com / 401 378 8928

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